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Legacy Documents

The following resources have been developed during the Innovation Driven Procurement (IDP) project for construction businesses, by construction businesses.   They support innovation, collaboration and business productivity in the supply chain.  These documents are free to download and use.

  • A-Z: How to Recruit in The Construction Industry
    comprehensive recruitment booklet, designed to provide you with an A-Z guide on recruitment practices. Whether you're an HR professional, hiring manager, or a sole trader, this booklet aims to equip you with essential knowledge and best practices to navigate your recruitment processes effectively.

  • A Guide to the Digital Landscape
    The guide gives a high level overview of what technology is out there to support how you run your business - both specific to construction and more general business related needs


  • A Guide to Procurement for SMEs
    Winning Work through Public Sector Tendering and Supply Chain Routes

Other Resources made available following the IDP project

  • This downloadable poster can be printed and shared at projects and building sites for site workers to access free Innovation Driven Procurement training via a QR code

  • Nottingham Trent University, Morgan Sindall, CECA and The Supply Chain Sustainability School have established the Collaborative Construction Procurement Training Hub (CCPTH) with funding from the CITB. The purpose of the hub is to increase the skills level for those who buy products and sub-contract services within our industry.  By improving these procurement skills, the CCPTH hope to drive productivity improvements, and increased value for clients.



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