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IDP: Making communications with colleagues easier

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

One of the key attractions of the Innovation Driven Procurement programme is the opportunity to learn, reflect and identify opportunities for improving as a team despite the pressures of the workplace.

Jon Jacznik’s company, Drywall Contractors Ltd (DCL), was selected by Morgan Sindall Construction as one of the first subcontractors to benefit from the IDP after working together on a number of successful developments in the Midlands.

Jon selected ten employees from different areas of DCL, including operators and labourers, to undergo training with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) and Morgan Sindall Construction through the Construction Industry Training Board’s (CITB) commission to improve procurement practices for building and infrastructure projects.

Jon explains how the modules made him reflect on his own management style and understand what makes his team tick by simply talking to them off site.

He said: “My main concerns with the construction industry are labour issues; we’re seeing an ageing workforce and a reduction in operatives coming through the door. I wanted to know how we can keep people and make them more productive.

“The training made me realise that small changes with the way we work and look after staff can have a big impact on retaining talent, and a lot of that came from the discussions with my own team whilst completing the modules. The comfortable environment and engagement with Morgan Sindall Construction and NTU encouraged all of us to be honest, and I realise as a managing director it can be hard for people to speak truthfully about how they feel and suggest ideas to me.

“I’ve definitely changed my management style since DCL has been involved in the IDP programme. It’s made me appreciate the nuance of the different jobs within the business and to look at things differently.

“I went into the first module thinking we’d come up with the next big idea to fix this, but I realised communications and misunderstanding my workforce and the way they approached me were the barriers I needed to resolve first.

“It’s clear the sector needs to evolve and the IDP programme is taking a huge step in the right direction to trigger the cultural shift that is needed across the sector. I believe it’s crucial that people in positions of influence get involved in this collaborative style of training so that we can all learn from each other.”

Jon and the team achieved an attendance rate of 100 per cent over the four-week training period. They are now undertaking coaching and support with the development of innovations through the programme.

Jon continued: “I was surprised just how much myself and the team got out of the training. My advice to anyone who’s struggling is to engage with the IDP team to discuss how the modules can help your business. I would also suggest when putting employees forward for the training to choose as wide a spectrum of people as possible to get a real balance of opinions and cover all bases of your business.”

The training has been developed into short online modules and byte sized through a purpose designed app for release in September 2022. For any organisation who wants to access the training for staff get in touch.

The IDP is one of four pilot projects which received funding from the CITB’s £3m commission. Together the projects are set to achieve £25m in savings and will involve 1,900 construction employers with the focus being on collaboration to mitigate risk, as well as an emphasis on quality and whole life outcomes, not just time spent.

Over three years, the IDP will include a programme of 120 face to face training interactions, 165 virtual training interactions, 51 innovation projects facilitated and supported, and 48 innovation champions trained.

For more information on the IDP, visit:

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