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Innovation Champions

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Through the IDP Community, our Innovation Champions are taking on a challenge within their business and using innovation to solve the problem with the help of a mentor. In return, they receive 12 hours of free coaching to help them improve a site-based activity, a business process or an initiative to increase procurement opportunities and demonstrate the value they bring to a project. 


Our Innovation Champions are guided by our delivery partner, the Construction Coach, and have access to free, weekly mentoring calls. Members also have the benefit of networking through a Facebook-style platform with fellow business owners to learn from each other’s experiences, offering a collaborative way of learning and an opportunity to break out of their silos.

Take a look at our current Innovation Champions below.

Jon Jacznik

Director at Drywall Contracts Ltd

Jon set up Drywall Contracts (DCL) in 2014 after a number of years in the industry in Project and Contracts Manager roles. Jon was our first Innovation Champion and has successfully completed the programme with the IDP.


Challenge: The weight of plasterboards was considered a challenge for those installing drylining, with manual handling aids not possible for every project. The weight is a consideration for the age of the workforce coupled with the number of entrants into the industry to replace those leaving, resulting in productivity implications.

Innovation: Engaging the manufacturer to change the length of the plasterboards has led to DCL being more productive. For every 10 plasterboards on a typical project, 1 plasterboard is accounted for as waste (10%) and with each plasterboard weighing up to 40kg, for every 400 kg of board 40 kg is wasted. However, on a new project where the pre-cut plasterboards are being used, the waste has reduced by 3-4% and productivity savings of 5%. 


These pre-cut boards are currently used on 3 of DCL’s projects. Over a 5-year period, DCL forecasts that savings in waste alone could be more than £50,000 if they ordered pre-cut boards on every job. It also saves on skips due to less waste, which contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions. This is an easy win for main contractors to reduce their carbon footprint, given the push for net zero. This is in addition to the labour speed in fixing the pre-cut boards which DCL estimated at around 5% saving in labour time.

Tony Pritchard

Director at Envelope Design

Tony qualified as an architect 20 years ago and has worked in residential building design, construction and development since.


Challenge: Looking to bring better design to more people for less cost.

Innovation: The ‘Design Files’ is a design toolkit that brings together good architectural design, product specification, product pricing and project management, into a powerful database that can allow designers to design faster, better, and with cost transparency. It also aims to enable users that may not be technically trained to better design buildings.

Mara Bravo, Architect ARB RIBA WELL AP

Director at Indomo

Mara has worked on several award winning residential, public, and commercial projects as well as lecturing on architecture at the University of Seville. Mara set up her own practice in 2010 and brings with her more than 25 years' of experience in designing a broad range of buildings.


Challenge: Creating an innovative marketing approach that aligns with the growing demand for sustainability and wellbeing in the industry. 

Innovation: In addition to its focus on sustainability and wellbeing, Indomo is actively pursuing clients in the commercial sector, particularly in the areas of office and retail design. By applying its design strategies to these types of spaces, it can help its clients create environments that promote productivity, creativity, and employee well-being, which in turn can have a positive impact on their bottom line. Its goal is to help businesses create spaces that align with their values and enhance their brand image, while also prioritising sustainability and the well-being of their employees and customers. 

Frederic Sancho

Co-Founder, Finance & Marketing Director at 3ECO

Frederic has 25 years' experience in the railway and electrical industries,  working on developments including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Project, the East London Line Project and the DLR6 – Stratford International Extension for the 2012 Olympics. He started his second business, 3ECO, in 2018.


Challenge: 3ECO is providing resources in the railway and electrical domain and it is also providing training to B2B and B2C clients.

Innovation: In relation to electrical training, 3ECO developed a prototype that supports its high Voltage Training Courses and it is seeking to gain some innovation marketing support to promote this to the outside world.

Jacob Rudge

Marketing Manager at Metpro

Jacob started his career 7 years ago, however, he has been aware of the manufacturing industry since since childhood when his Dad started Metpro in 1995.


Challenge: Metpro is keen to see its teams working smarter and with more clarity, all with the goal of reducing unnecessary cost and mitigating any potential errors. Metpro also wants to bring its colleagues closer together as it seeks to build the Metpro internal brand following a successful external brand project throughout 2022.

Innovation: Initially, Jacob's thinking was focused on ‘the brand’ without much consideration for the wider opportunity. With its plans now laid out, Jacob's first port of call was to gather all of Metpro's processes. Department heads have also begun working through these to bring them in line with the current Metpro operation and culture. 

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