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Case study: 
Chalk Build Ltd received consultancy support through the IDP project on Setting Quality Standards and Implementing a Quality Monitoring Process.  

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Chalk Build Ltd 

Chalk Build has been raising the standards in the construction and building industry, leading the way in quality, transparency, and customer care. The name is a tribute to their origins and location: Caledonian Road, built in 1826, was initially known as Chalk Road. Chalk is also a type of rock used for centuries to create — be it simple blackboard drawings or pre- Victorian homes as a building material. Today Chalk Build design and construct with significantly more advanced tools yet honouring the past and focusing on the future. 


The Chalk Build challenge was about developing quality control systems, to ensure the company standards are being met, and to protect the client experience. The overarching ambition was to protect Chalk Build’s time and efficiency and reduce losses on projects.  The project was supported by Company Director, Mustafa Dervis. Through the IDP project Chalk Build received consultancy support from Nicola Slater and Mark Johnston of Cube Construction Consultants, experts in offering advice, bespoke support, Construction Management Reviews, and hands-on assistance throughout the construction management process.  



The outputs from the support to Chalk Build included an executive summary explaining the challenge and solutions, a complete organisational process map identifying roles, responsibilities, key actions, key milestones and appropriate control measures. This was supported with fully branded documentation.  From Cube’s objective outlook, both senior directors of Chalk Build, have crystallised the key objectives for improved project delivery.  

Some lessons learnt for SMEs from this case study, are:  

  • the benefit of not having to pay to do the same work twice due to poor quality 

  • projects will finish on time, and resources can be used on NEW projects, instead of over running for weeks, if not months on end

  • reputation is protected - with more satisfied clients, more referrals, more projects booked in the calendar, more profit at the end of each project, and a great opportunity to evolve as a company


Mustafa told us how the IDP project has helped Chalk Build

“We believe that Chalk Build will benefit from the expertise of Cube Construction Consultants, as well as from the implementation of their processes. We are excited to move forward with these new changes and look forward to positive results.”

Mustafa Dervis, Chalk Build 


“Having reviewed Chalk Builds current operating documentation, we have been able to provide a bespoke process map utilizing existing good working practice and supplementing where required. The additional content supports Chalk Builds desire to secure project outcomes. A great deal of focus has been placed on roles and responsibilities, to ensure suitable and sufficient resources is allocated to meet the business time, quality and growth aspirations.” 

Mark Johnston, Cube Construction Consultants  

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