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The IDP Community

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Are you an SME/Micro-business owner working in the construction industry supply chain? 


How would you like to be part of a first-of-its kind, fully-funded initiative to collaborate and help come up with solutions to improve productivity, expand procurement opportunities and increase your profit margins? 


You could also be chosen to be 1 of 40 Innovation Champions to undertake an innovation project in your business and receive 12 hrs free coaching / mentoring.  This could be to improve a site-based activity, a business process or an initiative to increase procurement opportunities and demonstrate the value you bring to a project. 


The IDP Community is managed by our Delivery Partner Construction Coach where all members will get access to free, weekly mentoring calls.  You will also get the opportunity to network in a Facebook-style platform with fellow Business Owners to learn from each other’s experiences.  This is a collaborative way of learning and an opportunity to break out of your silos.

Why get involved? 


Our industry is fast-paced and challenging.  You are constantly juggling resources to meet Client demands and there is little time to learn from previous projects.  


Added to this you are battling inflation, energy price increases and materials and labour shortages.

This community is here to support you

Here’s how it works: 


  • Sign up to complete four, short, 20 min courses on Collaboration, Productivity, Innovation and Value in the Supply chain 

  • Attend an online innovation workshop to brainstorm ideas to boost productivity in your business and on site 

  • Become a member of our free online IDP community to receive business support to help embed the learning into your business and site operations 

  • Have the opportunity to become 1 of 40 Innovation Champions to receive 12 hrs of funded Coaching and Mentoring to undertake an innovation project in your business  

Why complete the courses?

These four short training courses are designed to help you: 

  • Stop and think about what collaboration truly means and how collaborative behaviours can increase productivity on site 

  • Consider how you can add value in your business  

  • Be inspired to look at how you can increase productivity through innovation 

We'll also explore these further in the community so you can start to embed the learning into your business and see the difference it makes to your productivity and your profits.

Start today 


Sign up for the courses to start thinking about what’s frustrating you in your business.  What needs to be improved on site?  Are your team working as efficiently as they should?  Do you have the right processes in place to operate as effectively as you could be? 


The courses are now available on the Supply Chain Sustainability Portal and can be accessed via our training page.  Not only will you get access to these courses, there are also hundreds of free courses available to support you and your business. 


Sign up to attend a free online Innovation Workshop 


Hear from business owners who are already innovating and get the opportunity to brainstorm ideas that could make a massive difference to your productivity and profitability.


Register your interest via this link, or find out more by visiting our events page.

You could then become an Innovation Champion to access 12 hours coaching / mentoring to develop your idea.

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