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Case study: 
Kingsley Fencing received consultancy support through the IDP project on Getting Bid Ready for Public Sector Contracts

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Kingsley Fencing is a small construction company based in Cardiff, Wales specialising in fencing, decking, and outbuildings. Kingsley Fencing has built a successful company driven by right-first-time high quality delivery, sustainable products, and passion for protecting local wildlife. 

The Kingsley Fencing challenge of Winning new work through public sector and supply chain procurement, was supported by company founder and director, Kingsley Hyden. Kingsley has worked in the construction industry for over 13 years, with a background in landscaping. He is passionate about the core principles of insightful design, quality sustainable materials and craftmanship. 


Through the IDP project Kingsley received consultancy support from Caroline Brock of Talent Lab Ltd, an expert in tendering services and business social value engagement, in tendering guidance and the exploration of increasing public sector procurement and supply chain opportunities suitable for Kingsley Fencing.  

The project focussed on the processes of how to tender for public sector contracts to understand what is needed to meet compliance and quality-related capability and what needs developing to position for success. The foundation-level training, provided as part of the support, was consolidated to produce a guidance document.  


The guidance document has been developed into a legacy piece for the IDP project which features a case study of the challenge and support to Kingsley Fencing. The guidance document is focussed on developing the capabilities of SMEs in tendering for public sector contracts. SMEs can benefit from the Public Procurement Bill which seeks to “reform the way public authorities purchase goods, services and public works by simplifying and modernising procurement rules and procedures” which is set to become law in 2024. This reform bill will open opportunities for micro and small companies to win public sector contracts. 


Outcomes for Kingsley Fencing from the IDP project includes registering on local and national government portals for tender alerts, Meet the Buyer events, and formalising compliance through a leading construction industry verification platform (as a supplier to a global sustainability leader which manage facilities for blue chip companies). The facilitated focus sessions revealed environmental commitments and community involvement which can be leveraged in terms of social value and driving forward energy efficient solutions as part of its core services.  

Kingsley told us how the IDP project has helped him and Kingsley Fencing

“I did not have a clue where to start and didn’t even know that there were specialists who help with tendering. What I did know was that my business has the experience and capability to deliver public sector contracts - I just needed to know how we could make it happen. The training has been invaluable, particularly knowing that the effort we put in also helps towards prequalifying on supply chains which saves us a lot of time. Caroline made the process easy to understand and relevant to my business, with lots of other ideas that I know will be key to finding and winning new business.”  

Kingsley Hyden, Kingsley Build  

“It was really enjoyable supporting Kingsley. He was fully committed to the process and took the time to understand what needed to be achieved to get the business “compliant-ready” as well as other marketing elements that needed updating. Their business is known for their responsiveness, and this was evidenced through Kingsley’s commitment driving forward the actions. During the period of consultancy, he was proactively developing compliance through a leading verification platform and met face to face with a global leader for supply chain opportunities. And, just by chance through conversations within NTU, Kingsley is also connecting into a wildlife research project. It has been a pleasure working with Kingsley and I have no doubt the passion and commitment will pay off with new work in the very near future.”  

Caroline Brock, Talent Lab Ltd  

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