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Case study: 
Envelope Design received consultancy support through the IDP project on how to market their innovative ‘Design File’ - an interactive digital library for SMEs and homeowners.   

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Envelope Design

Envelope Design is a team of architects, designers and project managers who are pioneering a new, integrated design and project management service to build better residential projects. 


‘Design Files’ is a design toolkit which brings together good architectural design, product specification, product pricing and project management, into a powerful database that will allow designers to design faster, better, and with cost transparency.

It also aims to enable users that may not be technically trained to better design buildings.  ‘Design Files’ provides good quality up-to-date design detail cheaper than is traditionally the case.  It produces quicker detailing, as the system is streamlined, and can be used immediately after planning permission drawings are produced by the architect.


The Envelope Design challenge of how to bring better design to more people for less cost, was worked on by Director, Tony Pritchard. Tony has worked in residential building design, construction, and development for almost 30 years.  


Through the IDP project Tony received 1-2-1 consultancy support from Michaela Wain of Design & Build UK, an expert in marketing, to explore how the project could support the marketing of ‘Design Files’ to potential new clients.  It included working through 3-phase marketing techniques of planning, strategies, and tactics and culminated in the development of a new business model and associated marketing strategy, along with the development of the Envelope website, SEO, and social media.  The marketing includes a new way to provide better design detailing together quickly and easily with integrated project management tools for residential construction projects. Tony now has a clear strategy to win new clients with a clear 'One Envelope' offer. This enables homeowners to have a single point of contact to procure detailed design for their renovations. Design and Management can be procured or just the design files. 


Benefits of cost saving, from the IDP project are that Tony has been able to procure new website design services for a lower fee, as he is much clearer on the strategy and outcomes required from the knowledge gained through the project. The Design Files will integrate design and project management to speed up the construction process and build better buildings. Also, as Envelope Design will be offering a quicker, cheaper, and better-quality drawings and specification, it will be more attractive to clients, project managers, and developers. 


Tony told us how the IDP project has helped Envelope Design

“The conversations with the IDP mentor, Maria Coulter of Construction Coach, helped to draw out what the focus of the challenge was. It identified that I needed to better communicate what our offer is, how it can benefit people and who the target audience is. By doing the workshops I was able to rethink how ‘Design Files’ might be positioned in the marketplace and led to me to rethink the marketing strategy, rebranding, and the website. 


“Biggest personal takeaway is to question why we are doing ‘Design Files.’  Through the IDP process I went back to our core values; who and why, before moving forward.  


“I’m not a natural marketing person so it was great to have a marketing expert to support me. 


Tony Pritchard, Director, Envelope Design

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