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Up and running!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

After years of work, we have finally reached a point where academia and industry can join heads and work together to help solve the problem of the common disjointed approach to procurement with regards to supply chain value.

What's Happened?

Emmanuel Manu, one of NTU's researchers, has spent the past few years working on a research project into the effect of current approaches to procurement on the supply chain. Having proposed a solution to this problem, the CITB and Morgan Sindall have joined NTU in the IDP project to try and provide a more collaborative approach using innovation and procurement.

"We believe that value and innovation benefits are created at every level within the construction industry, and we’re therefore excited about working with our partner NTU to identify and realise these benefits." - Sean Bowles, Morgan Sindall

What's Coming?

Three live construction sites have been selected to implement the IDP project (see our 'Live Sites' page for more). The first live site workshop starts for the selected supply chain on the Eden School Site on 27th February 2020.

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