Innovation Driven Procurement

Following research conducted by Nottingham Trent University, in partnership with Morgan Sindall Construction, the CITB have invested in the roll out of this exciting, new scheme to improve the industry through innovation.


Registration is now open for the first four IDP modules, click on training for more information.

The IDP project team have also worked with other funded partners to establish the Collaborative Construction Procurement Training Hub (CCPTH) which is dedicated to improving the quality of procurement practices in the construction industry.

The purpose of the hub is to increase the skills level for those who buy products and sub-contract services within the industry. By improving these procurement skills, the CCPTH hope to drive productivity improvements, and increased value for clients.

By visibly improving construction project performance, the hub will establish a strong procurement function with an efficient and effective supply chain, who can deliver materials and services to a construction project, on time and to budget. Most importantly, the hub will support the evolution of the construction industry, by equipping its workforce to handle an ever-changing business and operating model. The methods laid out by the CCPTH will embrace evolving procurement models and processes, hopefully leading to industry adoption.

This is a partnership with Nottingham Trent University, Morgan Sindall, Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) and this project has forced the hub to be created. 

The Innovation Driven Procurement (IDP) project is focused on improving profits, relationships and projects as a whole for all parties involved. With a particular focus on subcontractors, the aim is to streamline construction practices, flushing out potential problems before they arise and generally taking a more collaborative, communicative approach to encourage innovation from the outset.